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Tips from Eckerd College Head Coach Michelle Piantadosi


Where do you recruit your players? We recruit from all over but most of our focus in right here in Florida. We have a great group of talent that are playing year around here in Florida.

Does your university offer beach volleyball scholarships? We do not offer beach scholarships but Eckerd offers great academic scholarship opportunities ranging from $10,00 to $19,000.

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Tips from University of Portland Head Coach Brent Crouch


Where will UP recruit beach players?  UP will recruit players for the indoor roster. If they play beach too, then that may give them an advantage. At this point, there are no plans for beach-only players. We recruited CEVA grad Jocelyn Peterson. She is the top beach player in Oregon. She also played as a setter in previous club years and at Central Catholic, and we had an opening for a setter on our indoor roster.

How soon will UP offer beach volleyball scholarships?  There are no plans to offer beach-only scholarships at this point.

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Tips from University of North Florida Coach Samantha Dabbs


Where do you recruit your players?  All over the U.S and other countries as well!

Does your university offer beach volleyball scholarships? Yes

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Tips from University of New Mexico Beach Coach Jeff Nelson


Where do you recruit?We recruit players from all over the nation and currently have three players from the Oregon/Washington area including CEVA grad Hannah Johnson from Longview, WA.

Does University of New Mexico offer beach volleyball scholarships?We will begin to have scholarships available in the fall of 2016.

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Tips from University of North Carolina-Wilmington Beach Coach David Fischer


Where do you recruit your players?We’ll take players from anywhere. If you’re serious about competing in NCAA Beach Volleyball, come on out for an unofficial visit to see if UNCW is a good fit!How early would you commit to a player?With new programs opening up each year, I’d suggest that players wait until their junior year to make a final college decision.

Does UNC-Wilmington offer beach volleyball scholarships?In 2016, UNCW has very little beach scholarship money. This could change going forward, but student-athletes should not count on receiving significant athletic aid.Are UNC-Wilmington beach players able to play indoor as well?Yes! This is becoming more and more rare – our indoor players are encouraged to try-out for the beach team, and beach players who aren’t receiving athletic aid can be considered for a position with the indoor team.

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