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2018 Cindy Leatherberry Silent Hero Award

2018 Cindy Leatherberry Silent Hero Award

This year the Cindy Leatherberry Silent Hero Award goes to Shermain Scott-Wallace from Aardwolf!

Shermain has two children that play for Aardwolf; her daughter Reyonnie and her son Ronnie but she still manages to take on tasks to play an irreplaceable role in Aardwolf's club and in the volleyball community.

"Shermain spends more time on this club than any other person, including me." Said club director, Joe Boken. "She is focused on our mission of bringing volleyball to as many athletes as possible – regardless of their ability to afford the sport or not."

On top of managing club hosted tournaments, finding volunteers to run the events, handling all of the club's paperwork, and running the business side of the club, Shermain sets up payment plans for families. Setting up these payment plans is a huge reason Clark County has been able to get more volleyball players involved in playing club.Boken went on to say, "The club wouldn't be where it is today without her as wouldn't have been able to finance the operation to make the club affordable for so many families."

When Shermain was asked why she does what she does, she talked about the importance of doing this for the kids and how much she enjoys the relationships she builds with kids and their families. When asked, "So, you're an entire club mom?" her genuine response was, "No, everyone's mom. I support all of the kids. It doesn't matter what club you're with. What I do is only half of it, what the kids do is all of it."

Thank you for all of your hard work and heart, Shermain!

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