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Mac Juniors 14 Black GJNC Story

Going to Detroit this year was beyond fun, but big travel tournaments always are. What made this year special was my team. We were all like sisters (and one brother), and our coaches were not left out of this bond. For any sport, practicing is easier when you have something to work towards. For my team, it was working towards getting a bid for Nationals, and once that was achieved, the new goal was to be as prepared for Nationals as possible by the time June rolled around. This should have been too big of a transition, but for my team it was because we were the team with the boy. We could not take him to Nationals with us so this meant we needed to re-strategize a little bit. Working past this was just one more thing to not only improve our game, but also bring us closer together. After five months of working, it was time for Detroit and we felt more than ready. For some of us, this would be our third National tournament, but for others it was their first one. Nevertheless, we were all ecstatic to be flying across the country to play together as a team one last time. For some reason, every big tournament my team goes to, there is always that magical feeling you get when you walk into the venue for the first time. Detroit was no different. We played hard, won some, lost some, but at the end of the day, we were all just happy to be there. Our off time was just as fun as the time spent on the court because it was basically a chance to explore a new city with your best friends. At the end of the tournament, we obviously had some regrets and some things that we wished went differently, but those are the things that you remember about trips. You remember the memories you made and the people you shared them with. When I look back on my trip to Detroit, there will be nothing but good things I remember and I owe that to the people who surrounded me during that trip.
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