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NPJ 13 National's GJNC Write-Up

NPJ 13 National:
National Detroit, Michigan Trip 2018
Nationals was a remarkable experience that we were lucky enough to partake in together. There are certain highlights that we will never be able to forget. One unforgettable highlight was playing a highly skilled team, Metro, and beating them in a third set, on the championship court that was streaming live. Also, creating bonds with the Bend 12 National team, and forming tremendous friendships. We enjoyed our team lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, bringing our team even more closer together. Volleyball wasn't the only reason why Nationals was special to us. Some enjoyed the Henry Ford Museum, where they saw things that played an important role in history.
Overall, we ended 19th in the National Division, but by the end of the tournament, it felt like we were worldwide champions. In a way, we were, thanks to our amazing coaches and parents who helped us get this far. The worst part of the trip was saying goodbye to the coaches and teammates who mean the most to us. However, we know we will continue to see them, because NPJ is a family no matter the circumstances, and family is FOREVER.
Nationals was definitely a highlight of our life and an unforgettable experience that we were blessed to have.
Teammate highlights:
Hannah Blubaugh (#2) - "Bella sleeping in the bathtub."
Maddox Snider (#3) - "Choking on water and spitting it out on Kayleigh, mid set." Maddie Corpe (#14) - "Playing on top court and being live streamed."
Tessa Zimmerman (#4) - "Some teammates stayed after I got hurt just to make sure I was okay."
Jadyn Daviscourt (#22) - "When Maddox choked on a smoothie, and went to the nearest trash can to spit it out."
Kayleigh Carpenter (#13) - "The 16 national coach talking to me and giving me pointers with his amazing accent!"
Sincerely, NPJ 13 National Team

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