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Season story told by Webfoot 18 Gold Player

We started this season off strong with our goals set high. We wanted to win the bid tournament, attend Nationals in the Open Division and finish our season off with a first place win at Regionals. Unfortunately it seems that every season comes with hardship and injury that we have to work to overcome. Part way through the season, our returning starting outside was faced with her second knee surgery, which forced our team to make some changes. While most people would expect this to be a huge set back, players stepped up and it was as though our team was brand new. We went to Denver and did better than any Webfoot team has ever done at that qualifier, but unfortunately we fell one spot short of the Open Bid. We returned to practice strong and fighting hard up until Spokane, but yet again we fell one match short of that Open Bid. While we were disappointed, we altered our goals and decided we wanted to take it all in the National Division. We worked hard and excitement grew as Dallas came within reach. Nationals were filled with ups, downs, successes, downfalls, laughs, tears and most of all incredible memories shared with an incredible team. We fought hard in every match and picked each other up when we got down and while we came up a little short of winning it all, I couldn’t describe the experience as anything less than a success. After eight years of club volleyball and countless variations of teams, I am thankful that I could share my last tournament with such a supportive team at such an incredible event.