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GJNC experience from Webfoot 15-1 player Natalie Schnoor


Webfoot 15-1 began this season with a goal to receive a bid for GJNC. Once our team was toldwe got the opportunity to play volleyball at nationals nothing could bring down our excitement, for each of us were grinning ear to ear. We were heartbroken when we found that one of our outsides would not be able to make the tournament but excited to play with a new teammate.After weeks of dedication and practice our setter sprained her ankle; which, put a dent in ourteam's original plan, for we ran a 5-1 at the time. Our coach then created a new strategy to run a6-2 with our secondary setter and middle [whom had wicked hands]. Our setter was thankfullycleared to play a few days before our team left for Minneapolis.Once everyone from our team arrived at "The Hilton" and got settled into our rooms, we walkeda couple blocks to the YMCA to have a final practice before nationals. We then ate take out from "Hell's Kitchen", which was delectable!The following morning began the 15s division of GJNC. Girls junior national championshipshowcases the best volleyball teams in America, and therefore it was an absolute honor to attendthe tournament. After the first day of nationals was completed, the team walked back to the hotel to clean up in order to go to The Mall of America.The Mall of America is colossal! Who would have thought that a mall could fit a roller coasterpark inside it? After an hour inside the park we walked four floors up to eat dinner at RainforestCafé.The next evening Webfoot rode bicycles around Lake Harriet and sat on the dock, then we droveto Red Wagon. Because our group was larger than a normal dining size we ordered 7 pizzas and boy were they delicious!The third afternoon in Minneapolis was considered to be family time for the players. In the evening, the team met up at Panera Bread for dinner.The final day of the 15s division at nationals unfortunately began with a loss for Webfoot.Although we finished GJNC seeded 55/64 our team considers the experience nothing less than a triumph.

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Season story told by Webfoot 18 Gold Player