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CEVA is committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for our entire membership to participate in the game of volleyball.  In the Summer of 2018, CEVA created a Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Group, designed to help our region provide educational resources and training to club directors, coaches, players, tournament directors, officials, and parents. 

We invite you to browse the links and resources available on this page.  If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for additional materials, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Note - listings of resources, websites, etc does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of one resource over another.  Some articles and websites here are specifically made for an educational environment, but can be catered to a recreational or club environment as well.  We feel many of the tips and lessons conveyed here can be utilized in a number of different places and areas, including within a volleyball club.  Not all resources here directly relate to topics like racism or discrimination, and more broadly refer to creating a positive environment.  We believe creating a positive environment for all of our members can reduce incidents of racism, discrimination, and other offensive conduct.  This page was last updated on 5/21/2019.

General Information

CEVA Announcement - Click Here
CEVA's Organizational Philosophy - Click Here
Common terms defined - RISE - AHAA
USA Volleyball partners with RISE - Click Here
USA Volleyball athletes take the RISE pledge - Click Here
AVP Volleyball athletes take the RISE pledge - Click Here

General Resources - Club Directors/Coaches/Players/Parents

Athlete Ally Training Module - Click Here

Video diaries on experiencing and dealing with prejudice from AHAA - Click Here
Panel discussion from RISE - "Athlete Activism & The Fight For Equality" - Highlight Video - Full Panel Discussion
"How To Challenge Discriminatory Comments" from Basic Diversity - Click Here
"Beyond The Golden Rule" - A Parent's Guide To Preventing & Responding To Prejudice - Click Here
Blog post from RISE on cultural inclusion in sports - Click Here
"What Inclusion Is & Is Not" - from Diversity Central - Click Here
Understanding Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity - from the APA - Click Here
Talking To Kids About Discrimination - from the APA - Click Here
The Role of Recreation Leaders in Preventing Bullying - from StopBullying.gov - Click Here
Preventing Bullying Toward LBGTQ Youth - from StopBullying.gov - Click Here
Successful Teams & Respectful Team Members - Click Here
Preventing Bullying: What Great Coaches Need To Know - Click Here
USOC SafeSport Parent Toolkits - Click Here
Positive Coaching Alliance Development Zone - Click Here
Because Of You - Various Resources - Click Here
Could You Be Racist And Not Know It? - Click Here
Trainings For Youth-Serving Professionals - From The Trevor Project - Click Here
Resources For LGBT Youth - From the CDC - Click Here
Online Guide & Resources For LBGTQ Students - From Marysville University - Click Here

Cyber Bullying Information - Click Here

Online Exercises & Education

Printable educational exercises from RISE - Click Here
Educational exercises from AHAA - Click Here
Online Implicit Association Test - from Understanding Prejudice - Click Here (Read articles about this test here and here)
Implicit Bias Tests - from Harvard University (multiple options) - Click Here
Bullying Prevention Online Training Center - from StopBullying.gov - Click Here
Quizzes on Bullying & Cyberbullying - from GirlsHealth.gov - Click Here
USOC SafeSport Online Training - Click Here
TrueSport Bullying Prevention Lessons - Click Here
TrueSport "Respect" Lessons - Click Here
Sports Parenting - by PlaySportsTV - Click Here

CEVA Club Certification Program

Outline of the club certification process >> D&I Club Certification Program
To start the process of certifying your club and getting a badge on the CEVA Club Directory, click here >>  D&I Education (Coaches & Club Directors) - Intro
Clubs can submit their Diversity & Inclusion Statements to CEVA separately by clicking this link >> Statement Upload

Mental Health Resources

Statistics about mental health in youth/teens - Click Here
NCAA's mental health page & resources - Click Here
FloVolleyball article on mental health in volleyball athletes - Click Here
Oregon State's #DamWorthIt Campaign - Click Here
Lanesha Reagan's Blog (Former OSU Volleyball Player) - Click Here
NCAA's Proposal For Mental Health Resources at Power 5 Schools - Click Here
Pac-12 Putting More Money Toward Mental Health - Click Here
"Your Life Matters" Video - Click Here

Things You Can Do

Take the #SidelineRacismChallenge - Click Here
Take the RISE Pledge - Click Here


Click here to report an incident of racism, discrimination, sexism, etc that took place at a CEVA event (such as Power League)
Click here to report a positive response to an incident at a CEVA event (such as a Power League)
Click here to make a report to the USOC Center For SafeSport

Click Here for SafeSport Quick Reference for 2019-2020

Websites & Other Resources


LGBTQ Interactive Equality Maps
RISE - Ross Initiative In Sports For Equality
AHAA - Awareness Harmony Acceptance Advocates
Understanding Prejudice
Basic Diversity
GLSEN (Creating Safe Educational Environments)
White Ribbon Campaign - Ending Violence Against Women
USOC Center For SafeSport
USA Volleyball SafeSport Homepage
Positive Coaching Alliance
Because of You - What's Your Effect On Others?
LGBT Sportsafe
Matthew Shepard Foundation
Marysville University Guide (LBGTQ Students)
Fakequity Blog


If You Need Help or Support

LBGT National Help Center
The Trevor Project
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
The Samaritans Crisis Response Hotline
SafeSport Helpline

Next CEVA D&I Working Group Meeting

Wednesday, August 21, 6:00 PM.  Please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to attend, so we can ensure we have enough room, chairs, snacks, etc..

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