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CEVA grads playing beach volleyball in college

Class of 2016
Brooke Van Sickle, University of Oregon

Class of 2015
Maddy Silberger-Franek, University of Oregon
Payton Rund, St. Mary's College of California

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CEVA grad Chloe Jenkins, her beach story


I am a senior at Grand Canyon University finishing up my last year playing beach volleyball. In high school, I attended Stayton High School for 3 years and then transferred to Salem Academy my senior year. I ended my club career playing at Mid Valley Volleyball Club under Head Coach Ryan Case.

At Grand Canyon, I started off playing both beach and indoor, but decided to stick to one my junior year. This last year our team finished at 15th in the nation, sending our top pair to Nationals. This year, under new head coach Kristen Rohr, we are sitting at 10th in the DiG polls so far, with a 6-1 start both as a whole team and as a pair (my partner is Becca Conrad).
Because Grand Canyon is going through a transition period (in our 3rd year of "probation"), we were originally told we were no longer allowed to participate in Nationals, as beach was just made an NCAA Sport. As of a couple of weeks ago, that has changed and we now have to opportunity to make it. Two weekends ago we barely lost to FSU 2-3 and they are now ranked in the top 3. To make it to Nationals, we have to be top 8 and with big games at LSU (rematch against FSU there) at the Fiesta at Siesta Keys Tournament and then also a weekend tournament and duals in Hawaii against top ranked teams, we are looking to earn a spot and get ourselves to Alabama.
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CEVA Beach Summit 2016

CEVA Beach Volleyball Summit convened at 6 pm Monday, March 14 at CEVA Office. Present during the meeting were Juan Caez (Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District), Leilani Kamahoahoa (CEVA Board, Woks Up), Dave Kellar (DSK Sand Academy), Wendy Stammer (Portland Junior Beach), Steve Suttich (OJVA), Deng Thepharat (CEVA Board, NWAS, Seaside) and CEVA staff Jeff Mozzochi, Cody March and Jen Bolger.

Jeff discussed what CEVA has planned for Summer of 2016.
He emphasized that CEVA does not want to take over the beach game, just assist CEVA sanctioned beach promoters by checking USAV memberships, sanctioning and promoting events. He also shared the 2016 FIVB/USA Beach Age-Group Classifications which are different from indoor.
Deng discussed NWAS running Seaside this year and breaking out the juniors tournament on Thursday, August 11. CEVA will assist with AES. He also encouraged all beach promoters to be a family, work together to promote every tournament.
Wendy discussed her new beach courts at Delker Dunes in Tualatin. On Delker Road, sand from Florence Dunes. Portland Junior Beach has found 1/2 day tournaments work much better for families. She only takes 10 teams on her 2 courts. She suggested CEVA develop a "Find a Beach Partner" tab on CEVA website, Facebook and Twitter. She also has a 16+ age division, since 18's register at the last minute. She also mentioned kids need at least a year of indoor experience before venturing out to the beach courts, "basic fundamentals are important." She mentioned several CEVA teams that are ready to compete at HP Beach Championships in Hermosa Beach, CA. She cautioned not using gift cards with monetary value as they may jeopardize NCAA eligibility. She suggested teaching younger players that there's no setting on a serve receive ball since ball would have to come out "perfect."
Dave said DSK Sand Academy happy to teach anyone how to play and offered to help find players for any promoter looking to fill a tournament. His intent is not to host tournaments but help fill all the events. He loves beach volleyball, grew up in Huntington Beach, CA and said playing beach really improves players' indoor game. He also mentioned he is enclosing his covered sand court for 2017.
Juan said Tualatin Parks & Recreation District looking to grow its presence in the beach game. He said THPRD will be relocating their Cedar Hills beach courts soon. They will host beach clinics again this summer.
Leilani suggested we work towards a points system like CBVA so players will know how they're stacking up and which tournaments to choose. She also said players love that beach is more laid back and there are no coaches, "they get to be their own coach." She also suggested everyone use the same rules so kids have consistency across all tournaments.

Steve said the most important thing to do this summer is to encourage more kids to play and provide as many opportunities as possible. OJVA will host beach clinics and tournaments at Eastmoreland Courts. Steve also recommended holding off on points system until our numbers reach a critical mass.

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Tips from College of Charleston Head Coach Jason Kepner


Where do you recruit your players? 
Our players come from all over the country. We get most of our interest from the Midwest, California and Texas. 

Does your university offer beach volleyball scholarships?
As of right now, we don’t offer any scholarships for beach volleyball.

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Tips from Sacramento State University Assistant Coach Ed Jackson


Where do you recruit your players?

Currently we rely on athletes that are looking to compete in both indoor and beach volleyball.  We recruit nationally and internationally with the majority of our athletes from the Western part of the United States.

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