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Field Announced for Aloha Ball Club NW Tournament July 11, 2015

Field announced for Aloha Ball Club NW this Saturday! 12's, 14's and 18's/Women full. Details here, http://www.alohaballclubnw.net.

Emma Villaluz/Lauren Stemple
Olivia Pederson/Avalon Watkins
Meredith Pederson/Emily Wood
Lexi Lee/Renee Tassin
Claire Garrow/Ali Andrew

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Tips from Webber International University Associate Head Coach Julianne Dougherty


Does Webber International offer beach volleyball scholarships? Are Webber International beach players able to play indoor as well?
We do offer scholarships for our beach volleyball program. Along with that, our athletes can play both indoor and beach!

Where do you recruit your players?
We typically recruit our players in the state of Florida, but we try to get to as many as showcases as possible, even out of state, to find recruits. We would take anyone from anywhere! If you love beach volleyball and love Florida, we are more than happy to see if our University fits your needs. Tuition is the same in state as it is out of state. It is around $23,000 per year to attend Webber International University. Because we are an NAIA program, our scholarships are based on athletics as well as academics. We do not offer full rides, but if you have decent test scores, a good GPA and possible outside scholarships, our University is very affordable.

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Tips from University of Louisiana at Monroe Head Coach David Fischer

Where do you recruit your players?
We've had beach volleyball players from Canada, Czech Republic, Texas, Florida, California...if you're good and a good fit with our current players, location doesn't matter.

How early would you commit to a player?
Each coach is different with the timing of making offers. Because we've had some grad students and transfer students, we've mostly been looking at a few high school seniors and juniors. Because so many sand schools are starting programs lately, there's no big rush to commit unless it's your dream school or you feel like it's too good of an offer to pass up.

Does ULM offer beach volleyball scholarships?
Yes, ULM has beach scholarships. We split them up to help our numbers, but many student athletes find academic scholarships that, when paired with a beach scholarship, make college very affordable. 

Are ULM beach players able to play indoor as well?
Because of the way the NCAA ranked the sports, indoor volleyball players on scholarship can play beach, but not the other way around. Most of our indoor players try-out for beach, so we only need a few beach-only players to field a team. If the student-athlete is a walk-on (receiving no athletics-related financial aid) then it's possible to play on both teams. 

Photo courtesy of The University of Louisiana at Monroe
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Tips from Tulane University Sand Coach Wayne Holly


What sets Tulane Sand Volleyball apart from all the others?

Clearly our greatest asset is our people. I think athletic programs, like organizations, distinguish themselves by attracting and retaining excellent people whose varied experiences merge into a unified vision. Yes, we're blessed with great weather, live in an incredibly vibrant city (New Orleans) and are among the countries' leading academic institutions. Yet ultimately what sets us apart is our twin level of commitment and accomplishment athletically and academically. Our players are among the most highly accomplished students in the University (the Female Student Athlete of the Year is our captain). And with 26 dual wins over the last two seasons and back-to-back appearances at the AVCA Pairs National Championship as evidence, we are a program capable of achieving sustained competitive excellence.

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Tips from Arizona State University Head Coach Jason Watson


Arizona State University Head Coach Jason Watson is in China with the USA Collegiate National team right now, but took the time to reply.

Where do you recruit your players?
Right now, we recruit at AAU, USA and BVCA sand tournaments in AZ and CA. We are looking to attend events in Florida this year as well. We also recruit at the Get Noticed Beach Volleyball events.

How early would you commit to a player?
This is difficult to answer because every athlete's recruiting process is different, but I think we would like to wait until and athlete is at least a sophomore in high school.

Does Arizona State offer sand volleyball scholarships?

Are Arizona State sand players able to play indoor as well?
Due to NCAA restrictions, any sand athlete receiving athletic aid from sand volleyball cannot play indoor. With this rule, we have indoor athletes that play sand but we cannot have any scholarship sand athletes that play indoor. If an athlete was a walk on, they could play indoor and sand.

Photo courtesy of Arizona State University Athletic Communications.

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