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Tips from University of Washington Sand Coach Keegan Cook


What are the challenges of making an indoor player a great sand player?

One of the biggest challenges is the moment when a skilled and experienced indoor player starts to become really aware of just how much they don’t know about the sand game. What follows is a wave of thoughts and feelings that hit you at different times when you are making the transition to the sand.  It usually occurs shortly after you’ve been taught and begin practicing a new skill or a concept unique to the sand game. It’s often described as the stage of “conscious incompetence” or more simply “I know that I don’t know”. It’s not a feeling many indoor players have felt in regards to volleyball in a long time and it’s a big obstacle to overcome. The player starts to understand conceptually what is required to be successful but can’t replicate it on the court.   That’s when the frustration begins to set in. I’ve seen unshakably confident indoor All-Americans lose confidence in just a short training period as a result of these thoughts so that tells you how powerful and more importantly how normal experience it is for any indoor player. You have to persevere through that phase of the learning process and it’s a big challenge!

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Tips from Jacksonville University Sand Coach Julie Darty


Where do you recruit your sand players?
Honestly, we recruit the bulk of our sand-only players through them reaching out to us first. If there is a sand-only player out there, that wants to come and pay for school and we think they could help us/are a good fit, we will probably offer them a walk-on spot. Lately, we have been recruiting a lot out of Atlanta, Dallas and Florida though. Regionally, it makes the most sense for us. We are attending one beach recruiting combine this summer and that’s pretty much it for our sand recruiting.

How is East Coast volleyball different from West Coast volleyball?
I think that East Coast and West Coast volleyball are still quite different…kids that are on the West Coast grow up playing sand and indoor volleyball.  East coast kids grow up playing indoor then discover sand at a later age, so I just think it’s an experience thing which leads to confidence and a higher IQ on the court. I think that the college sand programs on the East coast are getting better and better though. I can’t really answer this question confidently because 1.) I grew up in Florida and 2.) we have only played against a handful of “west coast” opponents.

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Tips from UCLA Beach Volleyball Head Coach Stein Metzger


Spoke with newly-named UCLA Beach Volleyball Head Coach Stein Metzger about this fastest-growing sport.

Should kids give up indoor and focus on beach to be recruited?
Kids should focus on their passions. If they've tried beach volleyball and love it, then I would say "go for it." Most kids will know after their first couple of tournaments whether they love it or hate it. The game will expose weaknesses in short order, but it takes a certain mind set to battle and become a beach champion. You get a lot more touches on the ball than indoor. There are no subs in beach volleyball. You've got to be resilient.

When do you start recruiting beach players?
Usually when they're sophomores in high school. Fortunately for UCLA, we have dozens of talented players in our backyard. But we have signed Megan and Nicole McNamara from Canada because they are a perfect fit for UCLA Beach Volleyball.

What are you looking for? There are lots of polished 5'7 to 5'9 defensive specialists. What I need is tall, jumping blockers who are agile. I recruited CEVA's Payton Rund. She's a perfect example of the player I like. Great skill set with huge presence at the net.

Should kids focus on bump setting or hand setting?
I think since KerrI Walsh and Misty May were such wonderful bump setters, our American players have followed suit, concentrating on bump setting, not wanting to risk a hand set bad call. But the rest of the world is comfortable hand setting, so American players are working in more hand sets.

Is beach volleyball easier on the body?
I would say yes, especially on soft sand. I rarely see the kind of acute injuries suffered indoors. At UCLA we examined dozens of sand samples and found the round granule sand the best bet for our courts. Coarse, angular granules are very scratchy and not much fun to play on.

Where will I get seen by collegiate beach volleyball coaches?
Players should play in HP Beach Championships, USA Junior Beach Tour and work in other events, like California Beach Volleyball Association, AAU Beach events and Get Noticed.

Is there scholarship money in beach volleyball?
Yes, each funded school is working up to 6 scholarships. Each program may have a different allotment of scholarships from none to 6, be sure to ask the coach how many scholarships they have. We are able to partial out those scholarships in order to grow our program. Beach volleyball has been added as the 23rd Pac-12-sponsored sport beginning in the 2015-16 academic year. We hope to host a Pac-12 conference championship event in 2016.

Canada's McNamara Twins signed with UCLA Sand Volleyball. Photo courtesy of UCLA Athletics.

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Tips from Pepperdine University Head Coach Nina Matthies

Pepperdine University Head Coach Nina Matthies offers tips for our sand volleyball players.

What's the best way to get recruited for sand volleyball?
Basically the same as indoor-do your homework as to who has sand volleyball teams. Is the indoor roster the same as the sand roster? Or are there two separate programs with two sets of coaches? Contact coaches with solid information regarding your qualifications-transcripts and video are always nice-most importantly-play in beach tournaments and let coaches know where you will be playing, with who and what is the competition level? Open, AAA, AA, novice?

Is sand volleyball easier on the body than indoor volleyball?
Sand volleyball is extremely rigorous-it is all about pursuit, effort and efficiency.

Are there sand volleyball scholarships available? If so, how much will they cover?
The NCAA has allotted 6 scholarships per institution (if funded). Sand Volleyball is classified as an equivalency sport-meaning we are allowed to break up our scholarships up to 14 student athletes on athletic aid. Each institution/coaching staff will decide how to divide up their scholarships.

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Tips from University of Hawaii Sand Coach Jeff Hall

Sand Volleyball Team 2015 ICS

University of Hawaii Sand Volleyball Coach Jeff Hall with some tips for our sand volleyball players.

What's the best way to get recruited for sand volleyball?
The best way is to send an email to the coaches at universities you are interested in. The second would be to play in as many beach tournaments as possible while recording it. Most coaches are going to ask for film or they will be in attendance recruiting live. The 'get noticed' tournaments in California are growing and most of the university coaches attend those events. Here's a link to that organization: 

Is sand volleyball easier on the body than indoor volleyball?
I would say yes. It is a softer surface and therefore has less impact on joints and bones. Also, in the sand you are not swinging hard at every set like indoor. I feel it much easier on the body and why you see sand volleyball careers that go into the 40's.

Are there sand volleyball scholarships available? If so, how much will they cover?
Yes. The NCAA has allocated 6 scholarships for sand volleyball. However not every school that has sand volleyball has the full allotment. University of Hawaii has 6. All institutions handle scholarships in different ways. At Hawaii, we prefer to offer a percentage in the lower range to start and can award more as the student athlete shows that they are improving athletically, doing well academically and is maturing into a good citizen in the community.  Please keep in mind that a full scholarship is very rare in sand volleyball.
Mahalo nui loa

Jeff Hall

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