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Aloha Ball Club NW June 6, 2015

Aloha Ball Club NW will host a Queen of the Beach tournament on Saturday, June 6, 2015 at Frenchman's Bar Regional Park in Vancouver, WA. Athletes registered include:

Elizabeth Farley
Taylor Zanas
Presley McCaskill
Olivia Goodrich
Josie Delich
Avalon Watkins

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OJVA Junior Beach Tournament

Want to play this weekend? Register now! http://www.thecourtsinbeaverton.com/adultsandleagues.html

12's Saturday
Ruby Kayser/Daley McClellan
Kendall Kaelin/Vivi Kaelin
Kiera Monahan/Morghn Monahan
Camille Myers/Mizuno
Caitlin Gay/Noelle Sanchez

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North Marion Sand Court


When asked what a player could do to improve their game in the off-season, Northern Valley Volleyball coach Doyle Tracy said "play beach volleyball." So Greg & Candy Wing built an NCAA sand court in their backyard for daughter Lindy, an incoming freshman at North Marion High School.

Greg Wing, owner of All-Ways Excavating USA did his research online and built one of the finest sand courts in the state of Oregon next to the family pool. "When we vacation in Mexico, our family loves playing beach volleyball. So I just figured now was the perfect time to build our own court. 10 foot perimeter allows for some aggressive play. I purchased the beach sand from a company in Florence. We've got 24 inches of sand out there. That was the biggest investment. Our daughter and her partner finished third at Seaside, so it was fun to watch her excel."

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USAV Beach HP Championships

Does your club have anyone interested in competing in USAV Beach HP Championships?  CEVA gets one bid in each age group and possibly more since we are hosting a USAV Beach High Performance tryout. We need to know who is interested by June 1 in order to determine how to award the bids.

Event Date:  July 16 - 20, 2014

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