CEVA Bid Tournament


Saturday, March 2, 2019


The full tournament schedule will be posted by 5:00 PM on February 26th.  Tentative facility assignments are listed below.

  • 16s and 18s - Mountain View High School (Vancouver, WA)
  • 15s and 17s - G3 Sports & Fitness (Corvallis, OR)
  • 12s and 14s - Sprague High School (Salem, OR)
  • 11s and 13s - No event played due to number of registrations.


Clubs interested in registering teams for the CEVA Bid Tournament must send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to the CEVA office, letting our staff know which teams would like to register (this e-mail should come from the club director).  The deadline for registration is January 31, 2019.  Late registrations will not be accepted under any circumstances.  Please note this event is a very high-level event to determine bids to a national championship tournament.  


Clubs whose teams are accepted into the CEVA Bid Tournament will be billed via an invoice from the CEVA office.  Entry fees will vary depending on the number of teams competing at a given age level, but will not exceed $150.00.


  • The 14s tournament will be capped at 8 teams.  The 16s and 18s tournament will be capped at 12 teams.
  • The 12s and 17s will be capped at 4 teams.  The 15s will be capped at 5 teams.
  • Teams will qualify for the tournament based on their Power League ranking after the February Power League tournaments conclude.  In a division with 8 teams, as an example, the highest 8 ranked teams who registered by the January 31st deadline will be granted entry into the CEVA Bid Tournament.


By participating in the Bid Tournament, teams attest that they will accept a National or American Bid to GJNC, should it be earned at the tournament.  Teams MUST accept a bid that they earn at this event.  Bids may not be declined.  (Note - in the past, teams had an option of accepting an American Bid at this tournament if they earned one - this policy has changed and all bids are now compulsory).

FORMAT (Updated 2/19/19)

Divisions with 4 teams or less will participate in a round-robin pool play format.  Tie-breaking games will be played if necessary.  

Divisions with between 5-7 teams will play in a double-elimination bracket.

Divisions with 8 teams will be split into two 4-team double-elimination brackets, and the two winning teams from those brackets will play each other for the National and American Bids.  There will also be a consolation game to determine 3rd and 4th place finishers.

Divisions with 12 teams will be split into four 3-team pools, and the winners of those pools will move into a 4-team double-elimination bracket for determination of bid allocation.


Teams who do not earn a bid at the tournament for GJNC will be placed on a waiting list, and may still be contacted later in the season should one of our regional bids become available.  Teams will not be required to accept bids that trickle-down to them in this fashion.  


Prior to the tournament, teams must submit all necessary entry paperwork to GJNC to the CEVA office, including a check made out to USAV for the GJNC entry fee.  Teams who earn bids at the CEVA Bid Tournament will have their GJNC paperwork sent into the national office by the CEVA staff on the Monday following the event.  The deadline for the submission of materials to the CEVA office will be posted each year prior to the event (generally it will be the Monday or Tuesday of the week leading up to the tournament).


CEVA is awarded a National Division Bid in each age group, from 11s to 18s.  CEVA has also been awarded an American Division Bid in each age group, except the 11s (there is no 11s American Division).  Other bids, such as Open and USA bids, are awarded only at Qualifiers.  The GJNC Patriot Division is open to any team who wishes to register on a first-come, first-serve basis (see the USAV website for more information).  

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