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CEVA grad Nicole Peterson's journey to ASU

Nicole Peterson - Arizona State Volleyball ’20

My recruiting process started at a very young age. I was always going to college camps throughout the summers and constantly starting communication with college coaches. Throughout the beginning of my sophomore year, after non-stop emails to coaches, I had visited a school that immediately caught my attention. I took an unofficial visit, not to far into my sophomore year, at the University of San Francisco and, at that time, I had found the school that I wanted to play my 4 years of collegiate volleyball at. The University of San Francisco was a smaller Jesuit school in a competitive conference not to far from home, with a beautiful campus and an incredible coaching staff. Once my visit was over I was convinced that I had found my new home and I decided to say yes and commit there.

Not only did I verbally commit to USF my sophomore year, but I had signed there in the fall of my senior year. I had a great relationship with the coaching staff and spent nearly 3 years mentally and physically preparing to play there. My future could not have been more set and I was so excited to head off to college. About a month and a half before I was supposed to be graduating from Jesuit High School, and 2 and a half months before I was supposed to be reporting to USF, I received a phone call. This phone call changed my world completely. My head coach had called me to give the news that he had taken a job at another university. Not only was he leaving, but I was not going to know who the new head coach would be for quite sometime since the news was so sudden.

Everything that I was preparing for and everything that I thought was perfectly planned out had just drastically changed. I was set to play for that specific coaching staff and now that that was no longer possible I was in a state of confusion and desperation. I was supposed to be reporting to play volleyball in less than 3 months and I no longer was certain that USF was the school for me. I then decided to get my NLI release to be able to explore other options. Since it was so late in the
year I had no clue if I was even going to have other schools to pursue! Thankfully, with the help from my family, coaches and the media, I was able to be given other opportunities to play division 1 volleyball. In May, I took a few official visits including one to Arizona State. It did not take me long to realize that this school was where I belonged. ASU has everything that I have always wanted, a phenomenal coaching staff, strong academics, and competitive volleyball.

At that point after many, many tears and long stressful conversations, I decided to say goodbye to the original school of my dreams and follow a much different path. I had never been so stressed in my life, and without the support of everyone around me I would have never been able to find the new school of my dreams. My commitment to ASU was a shock to few, but I am extremely excited to see where the volleyball program at Arizona State takes me. My recruiting process was
probably one of the more crazy and stressful ones, but in the end I have found a home that I love. I believe that things happen for a reason, so I can not wait to see where my future here takes me.

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