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GJNC Day 8

CEVA's teams continue to have success at GJNC here in Detroit.  I thought both of our 13s teams competed very well and they were extremely fun to watch.  MAC Juniors and NPJ's teams represented themselves and the region well in that division, which had some very high-level talent and teams in it.  

In the 16s, all of our teams have won matches, including OJVA's 16s team in the American division, where they're 6-0 and have already clinched the #1 seed in their pool.   NPJ 16-1 won a match in their Open pool yesterday.  I was able to watch Portland 16-1 vs. Mauloa 16 Pono (from the Aloha Region) yesterday - even though PVC lost, by scores of 27-25 and 26-24, that was an extremely high-level match.  There was a lot of talent on display on both sides of the net.  

When I'm not watching matches, I tend to wander around the convention center and find a court with an Open or National level match going on.  I watched a couple of 17s Open matches yesterday, or at least parts of them, as well as a couple of 16 Open matches as well.  The atmosphere around those matches is incredible - not only is there great volleyball being played, but it's often being played in front of a large crowd of parents, coaches, recruiters, and just general gawkers like myself.  

Overall, I've been very thankful to have the opportunity to attend this event.  I went to the event in Minneapolis last year as well, so seeing this event two years in a row, and being able to compare/contrast it, has been extremely valuable to me.  It has been invaluable for me, as an event manager, to see the different logistics and procedures in place here, and how the details are seen to.  It's been great to be able to catch up with a number of college coaches.  But most of all, it's been very rewarding to see the success our teams are having.  Talking to some of our club directors and coaches here, they've all said their teams have enjoyed the experience.  That's the best part for me.  

Attending events like this is a great opportunity for me to learn, research, and network.  I'll make the most out of the last two days I've got here, and then it'll be back to the "dry heat" of Oregon.  


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