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Ref and Scorer Certification 2018-2019

Referee and scorer training is now available for the 2018-2019 season.

All referee and scorer certification is done online through Webpoint & USAV Academy. Coaches and players must complete their certifications before their first tournament. CEVA/USA Volleyball members need to register for training through USA Volleyball Webpoint (membership account). Step-by-step directions are included below with a screen shot to guide you.

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I'm a player, and the system says I'm still certified from last year.  Is that right?

Answer:  probably not.  While you may be seeing last year's coursework, players' certifications are good for only one season.  You will need to register for this year's coursework, and complete it, in order to gain certification for this season.  See the instructions below on how to register.  Note that this year's coursework will have a "US19" code at the beginning of the name of each module.

When I log into USAV academy, it says my coursework is 100% completed.  Is that right?

Answer:  if you don't remember doing anything for this season, then no, that's not right.  That's looking at your coursework from last year.  Note that this year's coursework will have a "US19" code at the beginning of the name of each module.  Last year's coursework is all labeled "US18"

I did all the coursework but I'm not showing up on my coach's roster as certified.  What's going on?  I don't want to have to do it again.

Answer:  you may not have registered for the coursework correctly.  Did you go straight to the course catalog on USAV Academy and select courses to take, or did you register for them through Webpoint as shown below?  If you did not register through Webpoint, then the work you did will not flow back into the database for you to receive credit.  Register through Webpoint, and then return to USAV Academy to see which courses you still need to do.  In many cases, it will only be 1-2 courses.  You will not have to complete the entire certification again, assuming you picked some of the correct courses in the course catalog.  

How can I tell if I'm done with my certification?

Answer:  One surefire way is to log into your Webpoint account, and click on Member Profile.  If you see a "certifications" section with "Junior Scorer" or "Junior Referee" under it, then you're certified.  

There's nothing loaded into my USAV Academy account … where's my coursework?

Answer:  you have to register for the coursework through Webpoint before anything will show up in your Academy account.  Please see the instructions below on how to do that.

Can I get credit for the coursework if I was sitting with my best friend while he/she was doing the work and I was following along?

Answer:  nope.  You have to register for the coursework in your own account and complete it on your own.

The system is asking me to pick a region or a state when I go to register in Webpoint.  Am I doing something wrong?

Answer:  chances are you selected "USAV Clinics" instead of "Region Clinics" while looking to register.  If you click on "Region Clinics" and then "Region Ref/Score Clinics" you should see CEVA's coursework pop up.

Is this an in-person clinic?

Answer:  no, it's not.  All this coursework is done online.

I'm a coach and I've completed the reffing certification.  Does that also count as a scoring certification?

Answer:  yes, it does, since your coursework also covers scoring.

I started the courses, saved my work, and now I'm trying to get back into it.  I click on "Participant Registration" but it says I'm already registered … where do I go to get back into my work?

Answer:  don't register again.  Just click on the red "USAV Academy" button to get back into your coursework.

One of the modules froze up or the video won't play … what do I do?

Answer:  if this happens during normal business hours, you can call our office at 503-644-7468 and we can reset that module for you.  You can also start a Academy HelpDesk ticket and somebody from either our office or the national office will reset the module for you.  

Why does CEVA require this of everybody?  

Answer:  actually, we don't.  CEVA's policies are that each team attending a CEVA-sanctioned tournament must have 3 junior players in attendance, and on the roster, that are completely certified to keep score (i.e. the roster shows a "Y" by their name under the "score" column).  CEVA's policies are also that each team have 1 adult who is certified to be an R1 in attendance at tournaments - which is denoted with a "Y" under the "Ref" column on a roster.  We do not require that each and every single player or coach be certified.  While CEVA, and USAV, feels that learning the game and having an understanding of the game includes a baseline knowledge of scorekeeping and refereeing, it is not our region's policy that everybody be certified.  If you have been told that it's required that all players be certified on a given team or within a given club, that is a policy being set by a coach or club director, not by the region.


How to Get Certified...

Login to your CEVA/USAV membership account through Webpoint.
If you need help retrieving your User Name and Password, contact the CEVA Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 503-644-7468.

Once logged in, see the left hand side of the screen, select tab called "Region Ref/Score Clinics" located under "Region Clinics."


You will see two options for certifications:

"Coaches: Referee Certification" and "Players: Junior Ref/Score Training"

Coaches or adults who are seeking certification to be an "up official" (R1) at tournaments should take the "Coaches" course.  Players who will be working as part of a referee crew (score table, line judge, R2) should take the "Players" course.  

In some cases, you may "test out" of certain training materials with a quick 10-question pre-quiz. Score 90% or better on the pre-quiz to skip the bulk of the content and jump to quick reminders. If you do not pass the pre-quiz, you will be directed to take the training materials in full (estimated time 1-2 hrs for the entire certification).

Click the "Participant Registration" button on the right hand side of the clinic you wish to take.  Once you register, you will get a confirmation e-mail.  Then log into USAV Academy (see the screen shot below) to begin your work.

If you are logging back into course (i.e. you stopped in the middle and want to come back later), just login to USA Volleyball Webpoint and click the red "Login to USAV Academy" button to jump back into course.

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