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Excel NW 14s Rox at 2012 Nationals

JRG 2012 Nat Excel NW 14 Rox TeamPhoto

Club Excel NW 14's ROX Team was the first 14s team to compete at Junior Nationals for the Excel Club. The inexperienced squad had a great time and played well. Here is the recap from the Club:

The Excel NW 14's team placed 5th in CEVA Regionals, and by default of 2 higher ranked teams received and accepted the American bid. One of our starting setters was unable to attend the tournament with the team, so we quickly had to alter our line-up significantly. We brought up a Libero from our Excel 14's Silver team to help balance the roster and had to integrate an existing player into the setting role.
Because of the inexperience of the tam, the thrill to be at the tournament was overwhelming for all. The team achieved their first win the very first game of the tournament! We finished 4th of 6 in opening pool play, with a heartbreaking loss of 14-16 in the third game which would have put us 2nd and top half of the American Division. The team went on to win a match all 4 days of the tournament, which resulted in our 38th of 48 place finish. This is a tremendous accomplishment for a relatively inexperienced (and recognized) team!

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Excel NW 15 Team Rox at 2012 Nationals

JRG 2012 Nat Excel NW 15 GroupShot

Excel NW 15 Team Rox from Vancouver competed in the 15 National Division at Junior Nationals. The team was excited to be there and more than held their own against elite competition. Head Coach Lisa Van Sickle shares their story.

Jr Nationals was everything we thought it would be and more. Every team there earned the right to be there, making every match very competitive and exciting. We were placed in a six team pool. The first day of competition Excel 15 played 3 teams. Excel 15 finished the day with 2 wins and 1 loss.
The second day we played two matches. Teams at this point were trying to finish top 3 in pool play, in order to advance to the top tier. The top tier consisted of 24 teams. We won our first match of the day, by beating Sky High 25-17, 25-18. Our next game turned out to be the high light of our tournament play. We lost to the Iowa Rockets who went on to win the tournament in the 15 National Division. We lost to Iowa Rockets in the first game 14-25. Excel 15 then beat them in the second game 25-23. In the final game Excel 15 fell short, losing to Iowa Rockets 13-15. Excel 15 showed up to play and gave them a good game. They are probably one of the best teams we have ever played. We were all amazed on the strength and height of their hitters. Game one took some time to figure out how to compete with this team and their huge block. However, in game two our girls came back firing. Our girls were where they needed to be on defense, allowing us to dig their over powering hits. Our hitters figured out how to hit around their huge block. We studied their offense and decided to block angle, allowing us to shut down their hitters every now and then with our blocks. Girls continued to play well in game 3 but lost by 2 points at the end. It was volleyball at its best, watching these two teams battle.

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