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When recruiting happens, don't drop the ball!

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By CEVA grad and University of San Francisco graduate Alix Gombos Westlund

Going through the recruiting process can be daunting, especially in the beginning. I always told myself that if I could get the chance to guide young people through the process, I would do so.

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Tips from University of Portland Head Coach Brent Crouch


Where will UP recruit beach players?  
UP will recruit players for the indoor roster. If they play beach too, then that may give them an advantage. At this point, there are no plans for beach-only players. We recruited CEVA grad Jocelyn Peterson. She is the top beach player in Oregon. She also played as a setter in previous club years and at Central Catholic, and we had an opening for a setter on our indoor roster.

How soon will UP offer beach volleyball scholarships? 
There are no plans to offer beach-only scholarships at this point.

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