Below are directions and rules for many of the facilities CEVA and Member Clubs use to host events. 

Facility Rules & Info

Each facility has its own rules, so be prepared. JRG 2013 Reg TruaxAn easy rule of thumb - water only in the gym. Violations of the Food & Drink policies can lead to penalties for teams (even if parents or fans are the violators). Not knowing the policy is not an excuse. With over 500 CEVA teams needing gym space, we cannot afford to lose a facility because our players/parents break facility rules.

DO NOT bring any alcohol or tobacco to CEVA events. 

Albany Boys and Girls Club - Albany, OR

1215 Hill Street SE
Albany, OR 97321

Outside Food Allowed: Please clean up after yourself. No BBQ's/food warmers allowed. 

Concessions Available (coffee, candy, bagels, chips, bottled beverages, chocolate bars, muffins, etc). Outside food and drink allowed in staging area. No outside chairs allowed in gym. Outside tables with rubber feet are allowed. Use of BGCA tables and chairs by teams is prohibited. Designate staging area allowed for camping.

Overflow parking at Linn County United Way, Center Enterprises and Crabtree Automotive.  No parking in Church lot.  No RV or overnight parking.  All parking is free.

Gate Fees (All Gate fees go to support the Albany Boys and Girls Club) 
$9 Family Pass (2 adults, 1 student)
$4 Adults.
$2 Seniors.
$2 Students (6-18 yrs).
Kids under 6 are free

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Aloha High School - Aloha, OR

18550 Southwest Kinnaman Road
Aloha, OR 97007

Food and Drink allowed in gym. Water ONLY in playing area. 

Bleachers in both gyms, limited area for chairs. 
Coolers and tables allowed in halls only. 
Hallways available for team areas. No warm-ups with balls in the halls. 

Please park in lot located on 185th Ave. Go up stairs to reach gym. 

Gate: $5 Adults, $3 For Seniors and Kids, 6 and under free.

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Amity High School - Amity, OR

503 NE Oak Way
Amity, OR 97101

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Beaverton Hoop/YMCA - Beaverton, OR

9685 SW Harvest Court
Beaverton, OR 97005
(503) 644-2191

Outside food and drinks allowed in the lobby.  Water ONLY in the gym. 
No coolers allowed.  No tailgating in the parking lot.

No spectators upstairs on Saturdays.
Two parking lots (front and rear).  204 parking spots total.  
Outside tables and chairs are allowed, but not recommended.  Chairs must have padding.
Concessions are available, selling sports drinks, candy, pizza, hot dogs, pretzels, water, etc.  No items higher than $4.

Gate Fees:
Adults - $5.00
Youth (8-18) - $3.00
Seniors - $3.00
7 & Under - Free

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Blanchet Catholic School - Salem, OR

4373 Market St. NE
Salem, OR 97301

No coolers in halls or either gym.  Cars MAY NOT PARK along the entry driveway.

Concessions available. Student Center is available for team camping. Outside food is allowed.
Tables in Student Center are okay.  Chairs are allowed, and some chairs are available.  No bleacher seating available.
No electrical appliances (crockpots), no BBQs.  No volleyball play except in gym.

Overflow parking in the back of the building. No overnight parking allowed.

Gate: Adults $5, Students and Seniors $3

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Bob Keefer Center for Sports and Recreation - Springfield, OR (formerly known as Willamalane)

250 South 32nd St. 
Springfield, OR 97478
(541) 736-4544

No outside food or drink! Coffee is allowed in lobby area only. Water ONLY on courts. 

Concessions available. In-house snack bar offers multiple food & beverage options (sandwiches, snacks, coffee, etc). 
Bleachers provided. Outside chairs allowed with approved feet or blanket underneath. No outside tables allowed in the building. 
No overnight parking.  No open flames allowed on the premisis (i.e. BBQs).  

Gate Fees: 
$5 Adults 
$3 Youth (6-17) & Seniors (50+)
$10 Family pass (3 people)
Children 6 and under are free

$10 Adult
$6 Youth (6-17) & Seniors (50+)
$20 Family pass (3 people)

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Canby High School - Canby, OR

721 SW 4th Ave. 
Canby, OR 97013

Outside Food Allowed in the gym & hallway/camp area. 

No tables or electric appliances allowed. 

Concessions available. 

Gate: $3 per person/ $5 Family pass, $1 per student. Seniors and Kids under 6 free. 

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Cascade High School - Turner, OR

10226 Marion Road SE 
Turner OR 97392

No food in the gyms. 

Courts are in the High School, which is the newest building on campus.
Outside food & drink is allowed in designated camp areas only.  Water only in gyms.  
No appliances allowed.  Tables & chairs allowed in designated camp areas only.
Concessions are available, open from 7:30 to 4:30.  
No pets allowed on campus.
No overnight parking allowed.
Gate Fees: 
$5 Adults 
$3 youth 
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Cascade Middle School - Vancouver, WA

13900 NE 18th Street
Vancouver, WA 98684

Water ONLY in the gym.

Commons area outside the gym for food and drink, outside food allowed. Teams must clean up their camping areas. No gas or electronic cooking devices allowed inside the building. Spills and messes need to be cleaned up by the family/player/team.
Ample bleacher seating is available. Outside chairs are allowed in limited areas. Ample on-site parking. 
Lost & Found: Please contact CEVA office after the event. 
Please contact CEVA with any additional facility related questions for this site. 

Gate Fees:
$6 General Admission 

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Central High School - Independence, OR

1530 Monmouth St. 
Independence, OR 97351

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CEVA Office - Beaverton, OR

4840 SW Western Ave. Suite 450
Beaverton, OR 97005

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Chemeketa Community College - Salem, OR

4000 Lancaster Dr. NE
Salem, OR 97309

Gate: $6 Adults, $3 Students
Parking available in the Orange Lot and gym is in Building 7. Do not park in the fire station parking lot.

Concessions Available.
May bring outside food, but no food tables are allowed.  No food allowed in the gym (water only)
No BBQ, crockpots, electrical outlets to be used.
No pop-up tents or food tables outside.
Outside chairs on the back court are okay, however other 3 courts have bleachers.
No ball handing outside of the gym.

The site will have a designated camp area for each team, which teams will be asked to stay within.
For further information speak with onsite tournament director or facility hosts. 

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Clackamas Community College - Oregon City, OR

Randall Hall (Gym)
19600 Molalla Ave. 
Oregon City, OR 97045

NO Food Allowed in the Gym. Water is Allowed. 

Light Concessions available for purchase (snacks & water). 
Outside food is allowed in foyer, please keep all food outside of the gym. 
No outside tables or chairs allowed in gym. 
Picnic tables and space available outside the gym entrance, or in the foyer if the weather is bad.  No BBQs or tents allowed.
No ball handling in foyer. 
Parking available in the yellow parking lot.  RV's are allowed (not overnight). 

Gate Fees:
$5 Adults
$3 Teens & Seniors
Kids under 12 are free 
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Covington Middle School - Vancouver, WA

11200 NE Rosewood Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98662

Water ONLY in the gym.

Concessions available. 
Commons area outside the gym for food and drink, outside food allowed. Teams must clean up thier camping areas. No gas or electronic cooking devices allowed inside the building. 
Ample bleacher seating is available. Outside chairs are allowed in limited areas. Ample on-site parking. 
Lost & Found: Please contact CEVA office after the event. 
Please contact CEVA with any additional facility related questions for this site. 

Gate Fees: 
$5 Adults 
$3 Students & Seniors 
2 yrs. & under are free

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Estacada High School - Estacada, OR

355 NE 6th Ave. 
Estacada OR 97023

Water only in the gym

Concessions available: Snacks, drinks, fruit, veggie packs, etc
Outside chairs NOT allowed - stadium seats are fine

Parking in front of high school and two other lots both left and right of the HS.  RVs park in the lot EAST (left) of the HS.  Overnight parking allowed.
Small coolers are allowed, but no appliances or BBQs.  Please use the EHS Booster Club snack shack. 

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Evergreen High School - Vancouver, WA

14300 Northeast 18th Street
Vancouver, WA 98684

Water ONLY in the gym. 

Outside chairs and tables are allowed.
No overnight parking.  Please park in the east parking lot by the gym.
Outside food is allowed in the commons area.  No food in the gym.
Concession stand will be open with drinks, snacks, and pizza.
No appliances - BBQs, Crockpots, etc.

Gate Fees:
$5.00 - Adults
Free - Ages 6 & Below

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Expo Center - Portland, OR

Hosting CEVA Regional Championships in 2018 & 2019
April 28 & 29, 2018
May 5 & 6, 2018

April 27 & 28, 2019
May 4 & 5 2019

2060 North Marine Drive
Portland, OR 97217


G3 Sports & Fitness - Corvallis, OR

5520 NW Highway 99
Corvallis, OR 97330
Located at the intersection of Granger & Hwy 99.  No RV parking available. 

No Outside Food or Drink allowed. Water only on the courts.  (Team water bottles are fine)

Personal chairs allowed and recommended.  Must have a blanket or rubber bottoms to protect the floor.
Cafe/concessions available on-site. 
Parking is limited - please do not park in CrossFit marked spots (lower lot) or at the gas station.  Cars parked at the gas station (Texaco) will be towed.

Gate Fees: 
$5 Entry 

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No RV's Allowed.

Gladstone High School - Gladstone, OR

18800 Portland Ave
Gladstone, OR 97027
Parking lot is adjacent to gym/field, street parking is also available.  RVs are okay, but no overnight camping.

No outside chairs. Water Only in the gym. 

Cafeteria is available for team areas. Please clean up your area at the end of the day. 
Concessions MAY also be available. 
Bleacher seating is provided and tables will be available in the cafeteria. 
Coolers are okay, but no crockpots or BBQs. 

Gate Fees: 
$5 Adults 
$3 Youth/Senior (4-17) 
3 & under are free

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Huntington Middle School - Kelso, WA

500 Redpath St.
Kelso, WA 98626

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Jackson Campus (Old Oregon City HS) - Oregon City, OR

1306 12th St. 
Oregon City, OR 97045
Entry off side street of Jackson St. 

Water ONLY in the gym. 

Outside food allowed in designated areas. 
Upstairs gym is available for team areas and food/drink.  
Concessions stand also open. 
Plenty of bleacher seating available. Outside chairs allowed. 

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Kelso High School - Kelso, WA

1904 Allen Street
Kelso, WA 98626

Water ONLY in the gym. 

No camping on carpeted areas or hallways. 
No food on carpeted areas. 
Cafeteria will be open with tables.
Basic concession stand available.

Gate: $5 Adults

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Kennedy High School - Mt. Angel, OR

890 E Marquam St
Mt Angel, OR 97362

Water only in the gym.

Outside chairs allowed with rubber padding or blanket underneath to protect the floor. Bleacher seating also available..

No ball handling allowed outside of gym area.

Concessions Available.

No BBQ or appliances.

Outside food & drink allowed in team camp areas. Tables will be provided in your camp area. Please clean up after yourselves.

Gate Fees (All gate fees go to support the Kennedy High School Volleyball)
$5 Adults
$3 Youth (7-18 yrs) & Seniors (62 & over)
Children under 6 free

Lakeridge High School - Lake Oswego, OR

1235 Southwest Overlook Dr. 
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

No food in the gym. No crock pots in the facility.

Coffee/drink bottles are ok. 
Concessions available. 
Outside chairs allowed, with rubber feet or blanket underneath.  Limited bleacher seating. 
Teams may camp in hallways. No outside tables allowed.
No warm-ups/ball handling in the hallways. 

Gate Fees:
$5 per person (8 and up)

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Lewis & Clark College - Portland, OR

0615 SW Palatine Hill Road
Pamplin Sports Center
Portland, OR 97219

Gate Fees:
$5 - adults
$3 - kids over 10, students with ID, seniors over 60
Kids under 10 are free.

No concessions available.  Food & Drink allowed in the foyer area - water only in the gym.
Coolers are ok in the building - no crockpots or BBQs or other appliances.
Outside chairs allowed - no bleacher seating provided.

Parking - enter through Gate 3 (visitor, staff, and Griswold lots)

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Lower Columbia College - Longview, WA

Myklebust Gym
1600 Maple St.
Longview, WA 98632

Parking: Access of 20th Ave, go through Lot I to park in Lot J. 

Water ONLY in the Gym.  Outside food allowed in team areas only. 

Coolers and tables are not allowed inside the facility (must stay outside). 
On-site concessions available. Food must stay in team areas (not in gym).
No outside chairs allowed - bleachers are available.

Gate Fees: 
$5 Adults
$3 for kids 18 and under & Seniors

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Mark Morris High School - Longview, WA

1602 Mark Morris Ct. 
Longview, WA 98632

Water ONLY in the Gym.  Food must stay in team areas. 

Outside food allowed in Cafeteria/Commons area only. 
Full bleacher seating provided. No outside chairs allowed.

Gate Fees: 
$5 Adults
$3 Children & Seniors

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McKay High School - Salem, OR

2440 Lancaster Drive NE
Salem, OR 97305

Enter the school by taking Lancaster Drive to Wolverine Street NE.

Outside chairs are allowed (and recommended).
Concessions available.

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McMinnville High School - McMinnville, OR

615 NE 15th St. 
McMinnville, OR 97128

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Milwaukie High School - Milwaukie, OR

11300 S.E. 23rd Ave.  
Milkwaukie, OR 97222

No food in the gyms, Water ONLY allowed.  

Outside food & drink is allowed in teams area only. Concessions available. 
No grills, crockpots or electric appliances allowed. 
Bleachers provided. 
Use the school parking lots (avoid parking on streets) in order to allow for emergency vehicles and neighborhood traffic.  Do not park in the church parking lot across the street from the school. 
No RV's allowed. 

Gate Fees (CASH ONLY - no credit/debit cards accepted)
$5 Adults (12 and over)
$3 Students/Children under 12
2 yr. & under free 

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Monticello Middle School - Longview, WA

1225 28th Ave.
Longview, WA 98632

A table is provided for each team in the cafeteria area. Some bench seating in the gym area for spectators. Bringing lawn chairs is acceptable.

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Mt. Hood Community College - Gresham, OR

26000 SE Stark St. 
Gresham, OR 97030

No Outside food or drink (other than water) allowed in Facility. 

Please leave all coolers in vehicles or outside the building. No BBQ's allowed.
Please do not bring outside chairs into the building. 
We are not responsible for any personal items or belongings.
RV Parking is allowed however, no overnight parking is allowed 

Gate Fees: 
$3 Adults
$2 Teens, Seniors & Veterans
Under 12 is Free

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Mt. Solo Middle School - Longview, WA

5300 Mt. Solo Rd. 
Longview, WA 98632

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Mt. View High School - Vancouver, WA

1500 SE Blairmont Dr. 
Vancouver, WA 98683

Water Only in Gym. Outside food allowed in common areas. 

Concessions offered. 
Outside food, drink & coolers allowed in common area. 
No crock pots, electrical items or grills (gas, propane, charcoal) on school property. 
Outside chairs permitted with blanket or floor protection.  Facility will also have chairs set up for spectators. 
Tables provided in student commons area. Outside tables also allowed. 

Enter parking lot on the east side of the school, and drive around to the north end.  Door to the gym is on the north side of the building.

Gate Fees:
$5 Adults
$3 Seniors & Youth (age 6-17)
Children 5 and under are free

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Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC Club) - Portland, OR

1849 SW Salmon St
Portland, OR 97205

Use main entrance and tell front desk you are there for volleyball.

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Multnomah University - Portland, OR

8435 NE Glisan Street
Portland, OR 97220

Outside Food & Drinks Not Allowed: Please clean up after yourself. Camping is allowed in the parking lot, but no BBQ's allowed. 

Limited Concessions may be available.
Outside chairs are not allowed.  Facility will have seating set up for spectators.

Entry Fees (all go to support MU Volleyball)

$5 for adults
$2 for kids (6-18)
Kids under 6 are free

Newberg High School - Newberg, OR

2400 Douglas Ave, Newberg, OR 97132

No outside food or beverages in the gym or playing area. 

Concession available. Bleachers are provided.
Teams may set up tents outside in the foyer.  No coolers or tables are allowed in the gym, however food will be allowed in designated team areas.

Gate: $5 per person, $3 students, Kids under 5 free. 

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North Marion High School - Aurora, OR

20167 Grim Road NE
Aurora, OR 97002

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Access to the gym and main commons is off Grim Road.

Concessions available - many snack items.  Specific to 3/10, teriyaki chicken and rice bowls will be available.
No outside chairs allowed in the facility.  Bleachers and seating will be provided.

Ample parking around the building.  RVs are permitted to set up across the street at North Marion Middle School.  

Outside tables are allowed, however the facility will also provide tables for teams in the commons.
Outside food and drink is allowed, but teams are asked to help clean their areas.  Water, Gatorade, and Coffee is allowed in the gym (PLEASE use the trash cans that will be set up)
This is a very sport- and team-friendly facility.  KEEP IT CLEAN

Gate Fees
$5.00 Adults
$3.00 Kids 12 and under, seniors
Kids 2 and under are free.

Oregon State University - Truax - Corvallis, OR

Otto Peterson Elementary - Scappoose, OR

52050 SE 3rd St. 
Scappoose, OR 97056

No Food in the Gym. Water ONLY. 

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Philomath High School - Philomath, OR

2054 Applegate Street
Philomath, OR 97370

Water only in gyms
Outside food and drink is allowed in commons area.
Concessions available
No outside chairs. Plenty of bleacher seating.
Coolers OK, no BBQ or crock pots

Plenty of parking in main lot. NO RV’s allowed or overnight parking.

Gate: $5 Adult - $3 Seniors/Students/Kids 6 & older

Kids 6 under-FREE

Can enter school parking lot, by taking a LEFT at 19th (Coming from the east - Subway on the corner) go one block, then take a LEFT on Applegate. One more block and you are at the school.

Portland Community College - Sylvania - Portland, OR

12000 SW 49th Ave
Portland, OR 97219

No Food or Drink in the Gym. Water Only. 
Outside food allowed in commons area. 
No outside chairs allowed. 
Parking fees not enforced on weekends. 

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Prairie High School - Vancouver, WA

11311 NE 119th St.
Vancouver, WA 98662
Entrance to school parking lot on 119th St. (north side of the property, across from Winco)

Water ONLY in gyms. 

Outside food & drink is allowed in facility common areas.  
Concessions available on-site (including fruit, muffins, candy, coffee, pizza, noodles/soup, Gatorade, etc).
NO OUTSIDE CHAIRS.  Bleachers are available in all gyms.  Tables/chairs available in team & concession areas.
Coolers are okay, however no BBQ or crockpots allowed on site.

Park in the main parking lot.  RVs are okay, but no overnight parking.   

Gate: $5 Adults, $3 Seniors & Kids under 10

Ridgefield High School - Ridgefield, WA

2630 South Hillhurst Road
Ridgefield, WA 98642

Gate Fees
$6.00 Per Person

No concessions are available, however outside food and outside tables allowed in the commons.
Coolers, crockpots, and BBQs are allowed in the commons.

Chairs allowed in the gym with towel/blanket underneath.

No parking restrictions - RVs are okay.

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Salem Academy - Salem, OR

942 Lancaster Drive NE
Salem, OR, 97301

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School is located behind the Academy Square Mall off Lancaster Drive.  After entering the mall parking lot, look for driveways to the school on either the north or south end of the parking lot.

Gate Fees:
$5.00 - Adults
$3.00 - Students & Seniors

Concessions are available in the main gym cafeteria area.
No Outside Chairs - bleacher seating is available in both gyms
No Outside Tables - tables and seating are available in the cafeteria area of the main gym

Parking is available on the north and south sides of the school property.  No overnight parking (RV's, campers, etc).

Outside food is allowed in the cafeteria area only.  No food will be allowed in the bleachers of either gym - water and coffee only.

South Meadows Middle School - Hillsboro, OR

4690 SE Davis Rd.
Hillsboro, OR 97123

Water ONLY in Gym. No Food in Gym.  

Concessions available.
Outside food allowed in designated areas. 
Bleacher seating available. No outside chairs allowed. 
$6 Adults 
$4 Students & Seniors 
Under 4 yrs. Free

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Southridge High School - Beaverton, OR

9625 SW 125th Ave. 
Beaverton, OR 97008

Click Here: SHS VB Tourney Website

No food or drink allowed in gyms.
NO alcohol or tobacco allowed anywhere on school property. 

Limited concessions available.
Coolers in hallways only.  No electical appliances allowed. 
No outside tables or chairs. 
Bleachers in both gyms.

Gate Fees:
$5 Adults

Do not park in Tualatin Hills Parks and Rec. parking lots. They will tow. 

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Sprague High School - Salem, OR

2373 Kuebler Road South
Salem, OR 97302
Note: do NOT turn right on Croisan Scenic Way (some GPS apps advise this).  Continue past this road approximately 1/4 mile and turn right at the traffic light at Joseph Road.  You will see a park on the right with baseball/softball fields - this is the main entrance to the school.

No food in the gyms - food in team area only.
Water only in gyms.

Outside food & drink is allowed in team areas.
NO appliances allowed. 
Outside chairs with padding allowed in gyms (and recommended).  Please do not sit on the sides of the courts in playable area.  Move your chairs from ends of courts when your team isn't playing. 
Outside tables allowed in team areas only.
RVs allowed in lower parking lot by football field.  Plenty of parking available around the school.   

Concessions will be available

Gate Fees:
$5 Adults
$3 Youth & Seniors (10 & under)

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Springfield High School - Springfield, OR

875 7th Street
Springfield, OR 97477
(Best entrance is on 10th Street, across from the football field.  Address above is physical address of the school.)

No outside food or drink.
Water ONLY in the gym.

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Stayton High School - Stayton, OR

757 W. Locust
Stayton, OR 97383

Concessions will be available.  Food allowed in the lobby/team areas only.  No food or drinks in the gym (except water).

Gate Fees:
$5.00 - Adults
$3.00 - Kids & Seniors

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The Courts in Beaverton - Beaverton, OR

14523 SW Millikan Way #110
Beaverton, OR 97005

No outside food or beverages are permitted anywhere inside the facility, including snacks/food from home, coffee, sports, drinks, etc.  Water bottles only on the courts.  CEVA's point penalty policy for violations will be enforced. 

Concessions available - full deli with sandwiches, wraps, coffee, espresso, water, soft drinks, sports drinks, smoothies, fruit, candy, muffins, cookies, etc.  More infomation available here
Outside chairs must have rubber feet or a blanket underneath. No metal bottoms on chairs.  Bleachers are also available.
No pets (including dogs, cats, etc).  Service animals with ID jackets are welcome.
Teams and spectators may not set up "camp" in the parking lots or grass areas.  This includes tables, chairs, tents, canopies, etc.  No grills or other means of heating food may be used on the property.
PARKING: Please note you may be towed if parked outside the designated areas.  Click Here for the detailed map of available parking. Overflow parking available at the Max Park & Ride. No RV parking or overnight parking in the complex.

No kids allowed at adult tourneys without "quality supervision." Quality supervision meaning that someone must be watching over and in direct contact with all children. If a child is found not supervised, the player and child will be asked to leave the facility immediately. This also means that a child sitting on the bench with a player that is not in the game, this is not supervised.

For a complete list of Facility Policies click here.

Gate Fees:
$6 Adults
$5 Seniors (Over 55)
$3 Students (Under 5 free)
$12 Family pass (2 adults/seniors and one student, all present at time of payment)

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The Hoop in Salem - Salem, OR

3575 Fairview Industrial Dr SE
Salem, OR 97302
(503) 371-4667

No Outside Food Allowed.  Refillable Water bottles ONLY (no bottled waters).  
Specialty coffee is ok.  Water only on team benches. 

On-site cafe, food purchased at The Hoop may be consumed anywhere in the gym. 
Outside chairs allowed. No outside tables allowed.
No BBQ's, electronic appliances or coolers allowed.  
Additional large space in the back for parking.  Do NOT park in the Pringle Creek Community. 

There is very limited "camp" space in the facility - please limit your personal belongings.  

Gate Fees:
$6 Adults
$3 Students
Children under 6 are free

Fairview Business Park where The Hoop is located - Please park in the yellow areas on the map below.

No parking in the pink areas.


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Valley View Church - Clackamas, OR

11501 SE Sunnyside Road
Clackamas, OR 97015

Water ONLY in the gym. 

Large baquet room for team camping. Please bring blanket to prevent spills. 
No camping in hallways - these are fire exits and must be kept clear. 
No balls allowed outside the gym. 

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Western Oregon University - Monmouth, OR

345 Monmouth Avenue North
Monmouth, OR 97361
(Located on Church Street across from the WOU football field)

Water ONLY in the gym. No food or drinks in gyms, including coffee.

All 4 courts in New PE Building. 
Concessions with drinks and snacks available.  Water only is allowed in the gym - other food and drink can be in the lobby.
Outside chairs are allowed (recommended) - must be set up along the matted areas on the ends of the courts
Outside tables are not allowed in the facility

No coolers, electric appliances, BBQs, etc are allowed in the building.

"Camping" is allowed in the Log G parking area or in the grove next to the New PE building.  Camp space is not available in the facility.

No admission charge. They take donations at the door for the WOU volleyball program.

Parking is along Church St. or in Lot "G." Lot "G" is just west of the football stadium.  Church Street parking is always free - Lot G is free on weekends 

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Willamette University - Salem, OR

Sparks Center
900 State Street
Salem, OR 97301

Water ONLY on gym floor. 
Outside chairs & tables allowed in designated areas (space is limited)

No concessions available. 
Outside chairs are allowed and recommended.  Bleachers available in the main gym, but no seating provided in lower gym.

Park in the large parking lot next to the soccer field.  No RV or overnight camping is allowed.

Team camp areas allowed in designated areas only.   

Gate Fees: 
$5 Adults
Students & seniors 65+ free

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Wilsonville High School - Wilsonville, OR

6800 SW Wilsonville Rd. 
Wilsonville, OR 97070
Entrance through the main doors and left to the main gyms, or through the left doors (when facing the front of the high school)

No food in the gyms - water only.

Chairs are allowed on the rubber sidelines in the main gym - no chairs on the hardwood.  In the aux gym, chairs allowed if placed on a towel or blanket.
Outside tables are not allowed.
Outside food and drinks are allowed in the commons area (outside the gym).  No electrical appliances are permitted, however coolers are allowed.
Teams may "camp" outside the main gym in the commons area, provided they do not block the entrance area or hallways.

Parking in front of the gym - RV parking is allowed in the rear and side parking lots.

Concessions stand is located outside the main gym.  Food, soft drinks, coffee, and other snacks available during open hours.

Gate Fees:
$5 Adults
$3 Seniors & Students

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Witch Hazel Elementary

Water ONLY in Gym. No Food in Gym.
 Concessions available.
Outside food allowed in designated areas. 
Bleacher seating available. No outside chairs allowed. 
$6 Adults 
$4 Students & Seniors 
Under 4 yrs. Free

Witch Hazel Elementary School
4950 SE Davis Road
Hillsboro, OR 97123-8523

Wok's Up

Wok's Up
17527 SE Stark St.
Portland, OR.

Wy'East Middle School - Vancouver, WA

1112 SE 136th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98683


Gate Fees
$6.00 Per Person
Children under 3 & senior citizens are free

Many nearby restaurants and stores.

Rubber-soled chairs are allowed.  Tables for food should be limited to one per team.  Limited camping area.  Spills or messes need to be cleaned up by the player/family/team.
No overnight parking and no street parking (you risk a ticket).
No BBQs or anything that makes/holds fire.  No plugged-in heaters, appliances, or coolers.  Please clean up your area - watch for puddles or water due to coolers.

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